Coming Soon — PulseVerse NFT Ecosystem Sacrifice Phase

PulseVerse is an NFT Ecosystem that will be launching on the upcoming PulseChain network.

PulseChain is an entire system state fork of Ethereum with faster transaction times and lower fees. It will also be the world’s largest airdrop in history where thousands of ERC-20 tokens and NFTs will receive their free PulseChain versions.

The PulseVerse NFT Ecosystem is set to provide a platform for you to trade, stake, swap, fractionalise NFTs, earn rewards and more on PulseChain.

The PulseVerser sacrifice is creating a set of people that believe the use of blockchain technology and NFTs enable the meaningful exercise of the right of the freedom of speech which must be strongly protected. If you agree go to

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Create, sell and collect amazing NFTs on PulseVerse, a decentralised NFT marketplace to be built on PulseChain.